Poems For Children With Love

Poems For Children – Dysfunctional Families

People passing by in a blink of an eye
You see many faces you can’t identify
You see women hiding behind makeup masks
And groups of men with Vodka flasks

I dabble with the thought of staying alone
With no one to call my heart’s backbone
Would it be so sad to enjoy my aloneness
Though I’m never overwhelmed by loneliness

I wonder sometimes if something is disconnected
Like the bridge between our hearts has been ruined
Cause it makes me feel like we’re not related
Like blood is really not thicker than water

So what if we’re not raised, with this kind of Love
We can’t tell the difference between a pigeon and a dove
We can’t understand how families can be loving
And with an open heart, they can be forgiving

Yet I’ll swim against the current when it’s my turn
I’ll give you Love expecting nothing in return
My kids will be the most loved children ever
Cause they’ll be given Love that lasts forever

Poems For Children – No Better Feeling

There’s always a chance for you and me
To live a life that’s complete and free
To take the risk and follow your dreams
And be part of the most successful teams

Do you ever look back with regret?
And wonder why you’re really upset
You have a career, money and cars
You have a wife, children and many Cigars

You have it all according to them
According to standards we don’t condemn
According to society and expectations
You must be happy, filled with celebrations

You wish you’d wake up from this nap
Cause your accomplishments has been a trap
The gap between you and true fulfillment
Between you and Happiness there’s a fragment

I may have found the secret of life
Or just another way to dream and strive
But I know for sure there no better feeling
Than to live your passions with Love and sharing

Poems For Children – Guilty By Default

I have all the reasons to be sad
Cause All the roads lead to Baghdad
A city that once was young and fresh
But now destroyed by human flesh

It’s the same story in Beirut
Too many voices that pollute
And All I want is to press Mute
Cause the voice of reason has refute

A wake up call is not enough
And God knows it’s been tough
I am done with all your bluff
Cause it’s getting tight on our cuffs

A mother’s tears used to move a mountain
Now we’re stained by the blood of children
Don’t tell me it’s not your fault
We’re all guilty by default